Monday, November 9, 2009

Maharastra Nastam Sena!

Apparently the pride of the marathi manoos seems only to be in swearing names in Marathi! This chunk of population is least bothered about the real issues that have been hogging the state. Maharashtra has seen the worst cases of farmer suicides, it witnessed the bloodiest act of terrorism but nothing was worth to catch the attention of the Raj Thackeray’s gang. They are a bunch of literary scholars who are obsessed with the vernacular language of the state. It is better to place them in the linguistics department (if there is one) rather than giving space to them in the precincts of the assembly.

The act of manhandling the Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi was indeed disgusting and atrocious in nature. An assembly member is allowed to take oath in any Indian language. But MNS seems to be making dictates that suit its whims and caprices.

Maharastra Navnirman Sena …I really can’t imagine what kind of Navnirman these people are thinking of! Rather the party should be immediately christened as Maharashtra Nastam Sena!