Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Understanding Telangana … The People's perspective

Vox populi Vox dei , A Latin phrase that is pompously used to hail People in Democracies means … the voice of people is the voice of the God!
But the voice of God has remained unheard in this region…. Since last five decades.
Historically Telangana had to bear the burnt of the most exploitative kind of feudalism during the era of Nizam and Razakar rule until 1948. This was the time when people movement like the Mulki movement and the Gonds of Adilabad district had waged agitation against the oppressive rule. The state of the local populace irrespective of their religion or caste was deplorable.
Meanwhile the rest of present Andhra Pradesh was under the erstwhile Madras Presidency, they were certainly better off when compared with that to the Telangana populace as they had the opportunity of English education and access to employment under the colonial rule.
To put it in a nutshell the people of this southern region lived in two different worlds! Each having its own different political economic state… the only thing that was common between the two worlds was its language ‘Telugu’…. It was presumed to be common … but it wasn’t!
In the post independent India the states were carved on the basis of linguistic criteria and Telangana, coastal Andhra and Rayalseema fell under this category, hence forming the present Andhra Pradesh.
It is interesting to note that the leaders such as Nehru were sceptical of the merger of Telangana with the Andhra… the termed the union as the marriage of a dominant husband with a submissive wife…. Needless to say that the submissive wife was Telangana!
It was certainly a marriage of (in) convenience!! Telangana’s identity remained enmeshed in the whims of the politicians and bureaucrats who thought that they knew the best.
Since the amalgamation in 1956, the condition of the people in this region has deteriorated consistently; they have been lagging behind in all the fields of public life.
Socially the discrimination is pathetic, the reason being the lower class and the local dialect of Telugu speaking people (Telugu has a tinge of Urdu in Telangana) this is seen as mass culture and considered low. Even in the Telugu movies, the villain mouths obscenities in Telangana dialect. Hence the language and culture of the Telangana people has always been debased by the Andhraites.
The Telangana territory has two of the main rivers Krishna and Godavari flowing through its mainland land but only 12% of its land is irrigated and the maximum number of farmer suicides has occurred in this region. As the water resources of this land continues to bring bounty to the farm lands of Rayelseema and coastal Andhra, the native farm lands remains parched and thirsty. The water shortage is so acute that the farmers are forced to exploit the ground water resources through pumps and bore wells … the tragic tale is that the ground water resource is not of much help as the water level have drastically dropped in the recent times. Thu nearly 70% of the pumps and bore wells have become dysfunctional.
The telangana movement is not a new stir, nor is it being manned ONLY by the politicians of the state. It is in a true sense a people’s movement as people irrespective of the class and caste from the Telangana region have unitedly rekindled the movement!
The question is not only about separating a piece of land! The movement is about reinstating the self respect, identity and dignity of the people! It is about hope… a hope that when the natives get to participate in the democratic process and they govern their land, the resources will be harnessed for betterment the people. It is a grassroot movement by the people Telangana who want to take control over the resources and determine their fate! ( A luxury which has never been endowed upon them since centuries!)
Its high time for the saga of perennial suppression, humiliation and neglect to end… it can only end when the state recognises the voice of God…. The voice of people…the voice of Telangana!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All izz well until it is drama!

Any hit formula is destined to be replicated umpteen number of times until its magic fades away. There are numerous examples ... be it Himesh copying his own nasal twang and making it more torturous with every new composition or Ekta kapoor crafting soaps using the same saas bahu plus K formula in every Balaji production. The same phenomenon is recurring in the AP Politics where the politicians are fasting unto death?? ( sorry no one has died!) and trying to influence the decision of the centre to reconstruct or deconstruct the state boundary!

So one can expect the opera show to continue for few more days!The happiest lot is the great Indian media ... it is very rare (except for the elections) that all the jokers of Indian politics perform for the media wallas at the same time. KCR (Alas!! even his name starts with K!! ) Mayawati , Ajit singh and all other supporting actors ie MLAs of Andhra Pradesh ( to be more exact ...coastal Andhra, Rayelseema as the supporting actors are very particular about the location of their constituencies!)have been trying hard to fit in the frame!

The next beneficiary could have been the poor Indian masses! All over weight politicians going for the fasting could have contained the food crisis to some extent…But as every one knows well that the concept of ‘trickle down’ is completely dysfunctional in our country! May be media can investigate “who ate KCRs food for the nine days when he was fasting for the Telangana??” and run a prime time show! That’s what media does…who is interested in the in-depth coverage of the issues as long as the trivia is running (successfully?) on the channels!

The din will surface in a few days. The so called agitated MPs and MLAs will be contained by the party high commands, Some random tea parties and chintan baithaks will be organised! Dozens of review committee and commissions will be formed at all possible levels. Media will stop playing the story and shift its kind attention towards celebrities as the new year is approaching... again we will get to see the most interesting programs on news channels like

“What is the new year resolution of Rakhi Sawant ?"

What about Telangana… a suitable consent will be manufactured which will suit the (vested) interest of KCR, junior YSR, CBN and all the other ABCs of Andhra .

That’s it…. All izz well until it is drama!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who's Interest ??

Many of us must have experienced this.... sitting in front of the big screen in a movie theatre, watching a story unfolding itself, we get lost into the lives of the characters forgetting our existence... and we shed tears on their miseries!! The engagements with the emotions continue until the movie is over and then we suddenly realise... it was just a story. I am doubly sure when it comes to telgus, they experience this phenomena more than any one in the country as they are the mad movie lovers!

Exactly the same thing is happening in Andhra Pradesh…and the cine star of the Telangana movie is KCR. People are empathising with him now…only to realise in the future that...all was drama!

I do not have a problem with the popular demand of carving out a separate Telangana, but my concern is the present leadership of this movement. The most opportunistic, morally corrupt and deceitful leader of the Andhra politics has stirred (restirred) this movement. If one looks at the timing of his hunger strike, one learns that...

  • TRS had performed badly in the Lok Sabha, State Assembly as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Commission elections...some gimmick was required to pump adrenalin into the party nerves, hence this hunger strike.
  • The hunger strike commences at a time when the state government is still trying to cope up with the loss of its patriarch YSR, hence this is the best time to destabilise the government! (That is another story that that the spineless Andhra government is so incompetent to take decisions in the state matters that is awaiting a nod from madam!)
  • Its interesting to note that TRS was born of the ideologue of Telangana, but all this years KCR had been paying lip service to the cause, when he sensed that rhetoric wont be of much use now, he slipped to action
  • Given the current state of his party, KSR knows that it would be difficult for him to be able to rule the whole AP, hence carving out a separate chunk would ensure a safe political heaven in the near future

Telangana region has been wailing under the ages of suppression deserves a empathetic leader and certainly not a Power Sucker!

(P.S -This post was written just an hour before the home minister announced that the centre government would ensure that the resoulution for a separate Telangana region is tabled in the assembly, Nevert the less I will be penning down my views on the upcoming Telangana in the next post)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Maharastra Nastam Sena!

Apparently the pride of the marathi manoos seems only to be in swearing names in Marathi! This chunk of population is least bothered about the real issues that have been hogging the state. Maharashtra has seen the worst cases of farmer suicides, it witnessed the bloodiest act of terrorism but nothing was worth to catch the attention of the Raj Thackeray’s gang. They are a bunch of literary scholars who are obsessed with the vernacular language of the state. It is better to place them in the linguistics department (if there is one) rather than giving space to them in the precincts of the assembly.

The act of manhandling the Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi was indeed disgusting and atrocious in nature. An assembly member is allowed to take oath in any Indian language. But MNS seems to be making dictates that suit its whims and caprices.

Maharastra Navnirman Sena …I really can’t imagine what kind of Navnirman these people are thinking of! Rather the party should be immediately christened as Maharashtra Nastam Sena!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Call for more Chaprasis

I personally feel that there is one political party sans any ideology! it runs by the diktats of a family which has been manning (currently womanning) it since past 60 yrs. One needs to swear by family names if one wants to make it big in the Indian National Congress. It is quite a cliche that the party that leads out loudest cries of being 'Democratic' in reality is actually an ruthlessly 'Autocratic' party.
The incidents that supports my above theory is...
The first one is the gifting of the party ticket to Rajendra Shekhawat, to contest from the constituency of Amravati in the forthcoming Maharashtra assembly elections. The able?? Candidate accidentally happens to be the son of the President of the country(though I feel that her becoming the president of India was itself an accident). hence yuvraj shekhawat was given preference over Sunil Deshmukh, who had been a MLA from the Amravati seat twice but.... Alas he is not remotest relative, leave alone son of any congress big shot! thus the drama of the youth drive where more youth is being brought into the fold of congress seems a nonsensical to me. the drive is not to bring in more youth leaders but to certainly add to more chaprasis to the High Command office.
I think it is important to note that only if you are a spineless sychophant speci you can be a true Congressian. it was indeed infuriating to see the reports in media of how there was a flood of congress men in the homes of Dalits in Uttar Pradesh, on the day of Gandhi Jayanti. all were toeing the line of Rahul Baba, who had performed a similar spectacle few days back when he was touring the hinterlands of the poor state.
All I can say is ...... this is the heights of sycophancy and I wonder how low will the congressi netas stoop to scale the heights?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lynching Secularism!

I do not swear by the tenets of hard core hindutva ideology that a section of the BJP think tanks preach and want the entire Hindu populace of the country to blindly follow. But off late I have been observing that bashing anything 'hinduissh' is deemed fashionable by the media! My problem is with the media highlighting certain issues and interpreting it in a manner in which the people perceive the great Indian media as super secular! ...
An example of such kind of indulgence by the media is the recent news in which it gives importance to the act of 'Narendra Modi praying guns' . The headline is a fantastic example of sensationalism, at the first place Modi didn't pray guns, he offered pujas to the 'shastras', and guns is one of the modern day Shastas(which I feel everyone must pray and gain mastery over irrespective of the religion one follows...look at the Jammu Girl who killed the millitants using GUNS!!) It is also important to take into consideration that the shatra puja is performed on the day of Vijaya Dashami. Hence it is a common affair in almost all the Gujju homes across the country! it is very obvious that millions of the Hindus must have followed the ritual on that day... As it is a common fact that the media which always runs out of NEWS feeds on trivia. And the worst part is that the media creates it own theories and exports the images to the public sphere.
Modi Praying GUNS is a news because when Modi does so he is made to appear more horrific, deadly, violent and blood sucker !
But spare a thought ,will the media ever dare to show any top Muslim leader lynching a goat on Bakri Eid????
When Muslim do it..its custom, its religious expression, its freedom. When a Hindu does it...its threatening, its orthodoxy, its highly problematic to the SECULAR fabric of the society.

The concept of secularism itself needs restructuring...In Indian context majority bashing is the best form of secularism and media is the ardent follower of this mantra!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It was last week when one of the friends, in the course of random ramblings on phone, uttered a familiar name..Ogden Nash and was generous enough to recite some lines of his poetry. hence i promised to read the entire poem, I googled the name next day.... forgetting the title of the poem , I landed to a different poem! never did I think that it would be so relevant to the current situation prevailing on the campus.

I find it very difficult to enthuse Over the current news.
Just when you think that at least the outlook is so black that it can grow no blacker, it worsens, And that is why I do not like the news, because there has never been an era when so many things were going so right for so many of the wrong persons.

Ogden Nash

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thought for the day!

It was one of those days on earth .... when I was enchanted by the beauty of powerful as well as tactful oratory. It was a lecture (I do not like this word lecture.... it makes me feel sleepy and the makes the person who delivers it sound very preachy) by Shri Ashok Chakradhar, one of the renowned Hindi scholars of the country. I think it was after a gap of about 6 yrs, I heard something profound in Hindi. I was completely lost in those two hours... was elated watching a person fiddling with words and making his point so effectively. he kept the audience spell bound.. and even after 120 odd minutes, the people were left gasping for more. the very idea of people asking to hear more from you thrills me.... having been a debater(rather a struggling one) throughout my school and college life, I have had numerous expeditions on various stages.the act of climbing as stage and then blabbing is an act of surrender!you surrender yourself to the mercy of the almighty audience. As I believe that the amateur speakers are led by their audience and a seasoned one leads the audience to fall into his/her mood! Ashok Chakradhar belonging to the later category.
I just mentioned the stage.... I revere the school stage where I had delivered my first' thought for the day'(though those thoughts never made any one's day in the school!!). 'Thought for the day' used to be a cameo appearance on the school stage..for those people who wanted to desperately get rid of the stagophobia, hence one would rise abruptly on to the stage ...blabber the phrase (which would be lifted from the wisdom magazine as this small booklet consisted of marvellous quotes on all its pages...) and then if the speaker is a brave one he/she would take the risk of spending few more seconds of the fiery platform and indulge in the painful exercise of explaining the quote and the run back to the respective class queue. I clearly remember that for delivering those 2 to 3 lines , I would spend hours practicing, trying all possible accents, all probable voice modulations and muster guts !!
It has been a long time now and things have changed much.... though I no longer have to deliver the 'thought for the day' but in a day,hundreds of thoughts keeps passing me by.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In thy name o' Democracy...
let me play thousand splendid games!

We are a fortunate lots to be able to live in a country where the constitution bestows upon us the Right to speech. but the sordid part is that we rarely do realise its importance, the importance to express ourselves in a civilised manner. Being closely associated with the university elections this time... I was amazed to unravel two kinds of politics...
The politics of posters
The politics of impostors
The first one I do appreciate , the second one... I detest vehemently!

Since the General Body Meeting (GBM) was conducted , there has been a flood of literature in the campus.... one could find propaganda, ideas, accusations, questions, campaigns, historical facts about HCU elections, all the students organisation's past,present and future predictions,quotes ans unquotes and alas those swearing on the name of Democracy on all the possible walls of HCU! Thanks to election and the thousand queries attached to it, people started ventilating on papers.
The poster politics informed(at times falsely),entertained, enlightened and even confused the students community... but the bottom line was that it made some people write and others read!! what a constructive and engaging exercise in such an 'unconducive environment' when the election process has been stretched beyond means.
now coming to the politics of the impostors..... those illogical arguments and the ear deafening queries.... it simply disgusted. It was hard to digest that the so called educated... rather highly educated intellectuals could make noise for all wrong reasons and didn't hesitate a bit to go on a vandalising spree.It is a fact worth knowing that the so called "peaceful Protest" actually led to the breaking open of the Dean's Student Welfare office and also stealing of the important documents from the election commissions office.At times I really wondered whether I am standing on my Central university grounds or I am caught in the hinterlands of some distant north Indian state (sorry for mentioning north, as i haven't really explored much of the behavioural patterns of the south!) where people do not comprehend the meaning of negotiations and take pride in issuing open threats. its indeed very depressing watching the 'Future' leaders of the country who are the 'Present' loud mouths of the university!

I am reminded of those wonderful words of Tagore..

"Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."

.......Rather let my countrymen awake
(that's a different story, I didn't find many women indulging in nuisance...... hence I assume that the women are already awakened!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new addition to the Odisha's legislative assembly... shri snakeji (its wise to address the members of the honourable house as 'ji', unless one wants to get dragged in the protocol issues). This is the profile of the new member, It( since I am not sure of the gender) has been living in its constituency 'the jungle' since it burst open through the egg. shri snake ji had a harmonious life back in jungle, it shared a great rapport with the other members of the minority community (lets acknowledge that that animals, reptiles, birds are the 'Minority'). One day it occurred to the community that they must also have a representative, to press for their demands.
The first and the foremost being the enactment of the Forest Rights, as it has been guaranteed to the SCs and the STs by the central government in its last term.
Brainstorming sessions were held deep inside the woods..and finally Snake ji was selected as the MLA. Snake ji because it would not require any reservations for entering the assembly house, it could easily sneak in. Moreover it has characteristics of the 'Majority ' of the politicians of the country, its POISONOUS, it can be highly LETHAL!!!
and yes in its very first day it has 'bit' two of the opposition members!
What a beginning Sirji!

{Recently a snake was found in the Odisha's legislative assembly, and there was a lot of hiss hiss about it...hence the above post is my version of 'the hissing!'}

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kahani poori filmi hai

I simply love the UP politics...its raw, its dynamic, its lethal and the best part, its the ladies calling the shots. Joshi's remarks has refilled Maya with 'Josh' ! and the new power packed drama is being unfolded every single day.I am not worried about the lows the UP politics is touching, and I am least bothered about the language being used...(as much has been written on it) but what draws my attention is the filmi style of the entire tale.
Mark the 'appatijanak' language used by the congress lady, it seems to be directly lifted from the hindi flicks of the 60's. since the poisonous statements have been delivered, it has put literally everything on the flames. ultimately Rita's house is bearing the burnt of her excess rhetorics.
Thanks to the Maya's boys for delivering the job with utmost perfection!(the two things the BSP cadre specialises in...lighting the fire and Erecting of their...Goddesse's statues). meanwhile Maya knows her job too, the sardar of the goons has already been rewarded with a plush post in the UP Sugar Corporation. she has also slapped some sections xyz on Rita devi, claiming that the remarks were anti dalit , hence against the SCs, STs ( what a twist indeed) . I understand the statements being anti women...but anti dalit! alas that's the 'maya' of behenji.
Now I am waiting for the almighty judiciary to deliver its verdict and guess what will Rita say when she will be punished " kanoon aandha hota hai".
Thats why I say "kahani poori filmi hai"!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hum hoGAY kamyaab ek din!

All of a sudden all the religious leaders of the country are singing in chorus! this is a spectacular event as this rarely happens in our country. Congrats to the homos....you have been able to generate love and brotherhood among this sect of people and unite them under one roof.
These rabble rousers are up against the recent Delhi High Court judgement of the decriminalisation of the homosexuality. Claiming that the act of homosexuality is unnatural and can have fatal consequences on the moral fabrics of the society, its anti religion, the religious pundits are dead against it....I wonder why these self proclaimed intellectuals disappear when a godhra riots take place, when Barbi is demolished, when women in their communities are tortured under the draconian marriage laws, or when the Kashmir pundits are thrown out of their habitats....is this not anti religion?
The bottom line is.. They make noise for all the wrong things!
There are several layers to this argument ...... first sex has always been an unwelcome topic to be discussed in the public domain .
Second its incomprehensible why the imams or the Islam heads have an issue with the law, as of they do not follow the constitutional law in India. Muslims have their personal law...which anyways doesn't allow homosexuality.
Third ... the judgement clearly states homosexuality is decriminalised only when its between the adults, its consensual and it is in private. It upholds the right to freedom.
The judgement is a landmark one as it depicts that the Indian law is maturing and is moving ahead with the changing times. we can no longer blindly follow the Macaulay laws . lets accept that gays also have the right to live with dignity!
if our society can be comfortable with two men holding guns...it must also be equally comfortable with two men hold hands!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why do Men Drink?

Because they have hundred reasons to do so!
girlfried ditched me, M so lonely, no job no mony(then how do u shell out bugs for this damn thing???), friend forced me to (otherwise I only used to drink horlicks..... I swear on my mom), Just wanted to taste it (go to ur kitchen wen ur mom is cooking... she will giv u better things to taste!),for fun(go 2 a childrens park... u will surely hav more of it)and the worst excuse.... I am matured enough to drink!
The question is, does one really require a reason to do so?
somewhere or the other .... in the corner of the heart... people do know that, Drinking is a vice. The only issue is its nevr easy to accept it , but at the same time it is equally difficult to discard it.
so one needs to comfort himself....n here comes the handy excuses!
So If you drink... Be a man enough (though boosing is not a sign of manliness) to accept that I drink because I WANT TO.. CANNOT RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO DO SO! I mean... see Ramalinga Raju was bold enough to surrender...accepting all the forgery ..he accepted he was a thug.. and never gave any explanations for that. { now do excuse me for such a bad example... but really... can find one now... so adjust accordingly}