Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Copy cats going crazy!

Debacle in the 2009 lok sabha elections, the resurrection of the Jinnah’s jinn leading to the ouster of the loyalist Jaswant Singh, tussle within the organisation on the issue of leadership and the occasional bashing up by the  daddy ‘RSS’ on the question of 'The Right Ideology'….. Bharatiya Janta party is in a mess!
The only ‘hope’ that the BJP’s battered kundali shows is its brand new party president Nitin Gadkari, A man supposed to be on a mission to revive the party. An uphill task as the BJP is going through a challenging phase. BJP realises that the conservative right winged ideology will not reap seats in elections unless they get lucky with events such as Babri Masjid Demolition or Godhra. And talking about events of this nature...they seldom occur naturally, they have to be staged, manipulated and a party needs shrewd strategist to milk it incessantly!
Whenever the party leaders try to fiddle with the ideology, the RSS pulls it strings from the other end. In an era of coalition politics, BJP had to mould its ‘ideals’ in a way in which it goes in tandem with other fringe parties ‘elastic ideology’. Congress has been trying hard to lure the progressive Nitish Kumar’s party into its fold… even the Biju Janta Dal which was seen as a faithful alliance once, ditched it at the peak of election…these are indicators that BJP has to buck up.
Strangely the few initiatives that BJP has taken in this direction are the carbon copy of the Congress's mantras. The first one is initiation of a drive to induct youth in the party and the second one is the most exploited word of the year ‘The austerity drive’.
There is a huge crisis in terms of fresh faces in the right wing camp… all they have in the name of young leaders are the poster boys… Varun Gandhi, Navjot Singh Sidhu. It is high time for BJP to interrupt the tune of the pied piper Rahul Gandhi, who has been attracting the potential young blood in the congress tribe. the question is who will do the job for BJP? 
Talking about the so called 'Austerity drive' that the part has adopted in its National Conclave being held at Indore… the drive has led to setting up air conditioned tents consisting of sofas, double beds, dressing tables, personal computers and solar panels for the not so hi-fi leaders of party. The ‘Austere’ leaders have abstained from staying in the five star dwellings for the greater good of the nation and thinking that staying in the ‘humble’ tents would impress the people.
I am sceptical of how far this ‘beggary’ will click with the populace… but ‘Back to Basics’ is not a bad idea in itself. The point is that the route should be an original one!


  1. Blunt, but very well put. While BJP's plight was forecast well before given to an aging leadership, I didnt expect it to be sudden. The men on mission are new faces in the national drama and would take time to carve a place.

    It seems like the old times again, when it was INC all the way. But it does bring out an opportunity for smaller players to jump the bandwagon and try out their luck. So the Congress not only has to keep its image intact, but also go the extra mile to keep its alliance in a single piece. In any case, all this points to very messy 2014 general elections.

  2. Really Copy cat going crazy !
    Really very mature and correct political comments regarding Current position of BJP.
    Mr Natin Gadkari is bought by RSS to refresh the BJB party and to resolve the internal contradiction of BJP leaders. Actually BJP became a confused party. There agendas are not clear to them from the last many years. The regularly changing there stand with new sunrise.
    ---- One day Ram Temple is on main agenda of BJP and other day the forget the Ram Temple and now Mr Natin Gadkari appeal the Muslim to help in construction of Ram temple.
    ---- One day they promote Hindu nationalism and blame about every ballast in India is done by Pakistan .other day they forget.
    ----One day they talk about Hindu Raster and other day they forget the all.
    ----They done nos of unequal compromise with other parties as per there 0puretunistic ideology.

    Actually from years there main agenda is to catch the power by hook and crook. Every body in BJP wants on top posts. There internal fight is not hidden to any body. Jaswant Singh is out for speaking Historical facts. L.K Adwani changes stand on Jinha.
    During National Council they trying to ride on Dalits/Poor