Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silence of the lamb

As the Supreme Court spelled out in its ruling that only a man of impeccable integrity must be elevated to the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) , the time is not far when the apex court will have to come up with a ruling that only a man of action and reaction can hold the post of Prime Minister in the country.

The honest, decent … Dr Manmohan Singh has in due course of his PM’s tenure turned out to be the most hapless and incapable man in the UPA government machinery.
The nation faced a massive loss of Rs 1027 crores in the 2G scam that could have been averted through the timely intervention of PM.

Its atrocious that the PM choose to remain silent for 20 months when he had a premonitions of the fissiparous tendencies in the telecom ministry. And more atrocious is that he attributes his silence to the compulsions of collation dharma! Thus the ‘Honest’ PM made it clear that for him running a corrupt government was more important than to curb the corrupt practices of the government.

The country lost wealth, an entire session of parliament went for a toss, the investment scene is the country has turned bleak with foreign investors hesitant to put their money , a cabinet minister has been put behind bars, about 25 biggies of the industry are circling the gates of CBI…this is indeed a national shame!

2G scam was preceded by the CWG mess last year. Kalmadi was the scapegoat to be sacrificed at the CWG alters! No one pointed finger at the congress bigshots who should be held equally responsible. The nature of pilferage is yet to be defined in this case but one can be sure that it was the “Common’s” wealth that was splurged at the Common Wealth Games.

One after other the skeletons have kept tumbling out of the UPA’s cupboard! The party that came to power holding the hands of aam admi is now hell bent at breaking its back.

And the crony capitalism fired by the corrupt politics at the sidelines are ushering a new era of growth in the country which is measured through sensex and GDP… an 8 per cent GDP which is yet to reflect in the lives of the farmers of Vidarbha… poors of kalahandi.. Insurgents of Lalghar… and the list goes on…


  1. wat a title buddy.. good one:)

  2. I think we have to accept the stark reality that we are living in a crippled Demo(no)cracy ruled by an Unethical Pusillanimous Alliance (UPA). Coalition dharma is just the excuse to further nefarious and myopic interests of the political satraps. Manmohan clearly looks hapless, weak and paralyzed manning a divided house. With his two key Lieutenants at war with each other, India polity is in for a bloody battle in the coming days.

  3. The difference between INDIA and BHARAT is growing like its population.

  4. Now lets see the outcome of Anna Hazare's stir.
    (it is gathering momentum)