Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What next?

"India needs change but it does not know what that 'change' will be."

A powerful idea triggered by my editor that prompted to me decipher what the 'change' can mean for the country.

Indians are tired of corruption and inflation.
Indians are angry about rape and molestation.
Indians are hungry for jobs and growth and most importantly, Indians are sick of Sonia and Manmohan.
In short, in no point in the history of Independent India, has the country felt so disgusted about the state of affairs, than what the country is feeling right now.
The last few years of UPA rule has been marred by turbulence, uprisings and revolutions as India seized every opportunity to raise its voice, to hit the streets and to criticize the government. 

The Anna Hazare was the pied piper who drew crores of people when he fasted for the Lokpal Bill. Similarly the country seethed with anger after the Delhi rape case. 

These are facts but what India is hoping for is 'a change’. The ‘change’ might as well turn out to be fiction in future because of the alternatives we have to the present day government!

Who will drive the change?
1) BJP led NDA led by Modi
2) BJP led NDA led by Sushma/ Advani/ Rajnath
3) Third Front plus Fourth Front led by Mayawati/Jayalalitha/ Mamata/ Mulayam..... the list goes on.
4) UPA led by Rahul baba (worst case scenario. Not that the other three are brighter propositions)

I am bit pessimistic as no national parties will get a clear mandate in the forthcoming elections. In fact their position is slated to deteriorate further while the regional parties will gain by increasing their vote share.

If NDA comes to power, the BJP will no longer be able to act as a patriarch as it would require more number of allies to join it to form the government. The result will be the emergence of multiple power centres in central government. Moreover, in absences of an 'acceptable to all' leader like Vajpayee, BJP might even be forced to hand over the post of PM on a platter to any of its strong allies. Given such a situation, where the kingmakers will be more important than the King himself,  I am afraid if the 'state of affairs' will improve or further deteriorate.

Hope the 'change' does not turn out to be the 'poribortan' that didi has brought into West Bengal.

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