Monday, June 29, 2009

Hum hoGAY kamyaab ek din!

All of a sudden all the religious leaders of the country are singing in chorus! this is a spectacular event as this rarely happens in our country. Congrats to the have been able to generate love and brotherhood among this sect of people and unite them under one roof.
These rabble rousers are up against the recent Delhi High Court judgement of the decriminalisation of the homosexuality. Claiming that the act of homosexuality is unnatural and can have fatal consequences on the moral fabrics of the society, its anti religion, the religious pundits are dead against it....I wonder why these self proclaimed intellectuals disappear when a godhra riots take place, when Barbi is demolished, when women in their communities are tortured under the draconian marriage laws, or when the Kashmir pundits are thrown out of their this not anti religion?
The bottom line is.. They make noise for all the wrong things!
There are several layers to this argument ...... first sex has always been an unwelcome topic to be discussed in the public domain .
Second its incomprehensible why the imams or the Islam heads have an issue with the law, as of they do not follow the constitutional law in India. Muslims have their personal law...which anyways doesn't allow homosexuality.
Third ... the judgement clearly states homosexuality is decriminalised only when its between the adults, its consensual and it is in private. It upholds the right to freedom.
The judgement is a landmark one as it depicts that the Indian law is maturing and is moving ahead with the changing times. we can no longer blindly follow the Macaulay laws . lets accept that gays also have the right to live with dignity!
if our society can be comfortable with two men holding must also be equally comfortable with two men hold hands!


  1. "homosexuality isn't a curse if inborn"......... but it is when made to born......... now a days the cases are alarming.....From my point of view.."plz go with opposite sex and keep nature as it is" , but if any one defies ..i have no objection... after all every one has their rights to speak and discover their ways to enjoy lives....

  2. I've no problems with legalising homosexuality.But I do have a problem with the media buzzing about it 24 X 7.Don't we have something better to talk about? I mean,win public support,legalise it and be done with it? Isn't there such a thing as priority? Does that people do in bedrooms have more importance that the fact that 4 lakh people in India die of TB every year? or that 40% children are malnourished? Why do we not discuss these things and legislate and implement these instead of spending time talking about homosexuality?

  3. If you think that 'homosexuality' is a trivial topic that is being unduly highlighted by the media...I feel you are insensitive...homosexuals are a minority group in the country, their basic civil rights have been denied to them just because of their sexual orientation! Its high time that the people realize that its just not about SEXUAL Rights.. its more to do with the CIVIL Rights!