Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why do Men Drink?

Because they have hundred reasons to do so!
girlfried ditched me, M so lonely, no job no mony(then how do u shell out bugs for this damn thing???), friend forced me to (otherwise I only used to drink horlicks..... I swear on my mom), Just wanted to taste it (go to ur kitchen wen ur mom is cooking... she will giv u better things to taste!),for fun(go 2 a childrens park... u will surely hav more of it)and the worst excuse.... I am matured enough to drink!
The question is, does one really require a reason to do so?
somewhere or the other .... in the corner of the heart... people do know that, Drinking is a vice. The only issue is its nevr easy to accept it , but at the same time it is equally difficult to discard it.
so one needs to comfort himself....n here comes the handy excuses!
So If you drink... Be a man enough (though boosing is not a sign of manliness) to accept that I drink because I WANT TO.. CANNOT RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO DO SO! I mean... see Ramalinga Raju was bold enough to surrender...accepting all the forgery ..he accepted he was a thug.. and never gave any explanations for that. { now do excuse me for such a bad example... but really... can find one now... so adjust accordingly}


  1. wat abt social drinkers.
    suppose u r in a corporate world and u r attending a party with ur seniors. one of ur boss say the vp asks u to have a drink wat r u going to do then.
    drinking cannot be justified but u cannot remove it either.
    and as far as MR Raju is concerned he had no options
    woh kehte hai na "pap ka ghara bharne par hi tootta hai"

  2. Wait a moment here.Before I say anything else,I'd like to clarify that I don't drink and would never consider doing so,even in a social context.Not because of just moral concerns,but also because I'm well aware of research which shows how drinking can affect my physical and mental health.

    Point is,I object to your title.Are you under the impression women don't drink? It certainly is not a sign of maturity whether you're a man or a woman!