Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new addition to the Odisha's legislative assembly... shri snakeji (its wise to address the members of the honourable house as 'ji', unless one wants to get dragged in the protocol issues). This is the profile of the new member, It( since I am not sure of the gender) has been living in its constituency 'the jungle' since it burst open through the egg. shri snake ji had a harmonious life back in jungle, it shared a great rapport with the other members of the minority community (lets acknowledge that that animals, reptiles, birds are the 'Minority'). One day it occurred to the community that they must also have a representative, to press for their demands.
The first and the foremost being the enactment of the Forest Rights, as it has been guaranteed to the SCs and the STs by the central government in its last term.
Brainstorming sessions were held deep inside the woods..and finally Snake ji was selected as the MLA. Snake ji because it would not require any reservations for entering the assembly house, it could easily sneak in. Moreover it has characteristics of the 'Majority ' of the politicians of the country, its POISONOUS, it can be highly LETHAL!!!
and yes in its very first day it has 'bit' two of the opposition members!
What a beginning Sirji!

{Recently a snake was found in the Odisha's legislative assembly, and there was a lot of hiss hiss about it...hence the above post is my version of 'the hissing!'}

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