Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In thy name o' Democracy...
let me play thousand splendid games!

We are a fortunate lots to be able to live in a country where the constitution bestows upon us the Right to speech. but the sordid part is that we rarely do realise its importance, the importance to express ourselves in a civilised manner. Being closely associated with the university elections this time... I was amazed to unravel two kinds of politics...
The politics of posters
The politics of impostors
The first one I do appreciate , the second one... I detest vehemently!

Since the General Body Meeting (GBM) was conducted , there has been a flood of literature in the campus.... one could find propaganda, ideas, accusations, questions, campaigns, historical facts about HCU elections, all the students organisation's past,present and future predictions,quotes ans unquotes and alas those swearing on the name of Democracy on all the possible walls of HCU! Thanks to election and the thousand queries attached to it, people started ventilating on papers.
The poster politics informed(at times falsely),entertained, enlightened and even confused the students community... but the bottom line was that it made some people write and others read!! what a constructive and engaging exercise in such an 'unconducive environment' when the election process has been stretched beyond means.
now coming to the politics of the impostors..... those illogical arguments and the ear deafening queries.... it simply disgusted. It was hard to digest that the so called educated... rather highly educated intellectuals could make noise for all wrong reasons and didn't hesitate a bit to go on a vandalising spree.It is a fact worth knowing that the so called "peaceful Protest" actually led to the breaking open of the Dean's Student Welfare office and also stealing of the important documents from the election commissions office.At times I really wondered whether I am standing on my Central university grounds or I am caught in the hinterlands of some distant north Indian state (sorry for mentioning north, as i haven't really explored much of the behavioural patterns of the south!) where people do not comprehend the meaning of negotiations and take pride in issuing open threats. its indeed very depressing watching the 'Future' leaders of the country who are the 'Present' loud mouths of the university!

I am reminded of those wonderful words of Tagore..

"Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."

.......Rather let my countrymen awake
(that's a different story, I didn't find many women indulging in nuisance...... hence I assume that the women are already awakened!)

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