Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thought for the day!

It was one of those days on earth .... when I was enchanted by the beauty of powerful as well as tactful oratory. It was a lecture (I do not like this word lecture.... it makes me feel sleepy and the makes the person who delivers it sound very preachy) by Shri Ashok Chakradhar, one of the renowned Hindi scholars of the country. I think it was after a gap of about 6 yrs, I heard something profound in Hindi. I was completely lost in those two hours... was elated watching a person fiddling with words and making his point so effectively. he kept the audience spell bound.. and even after 120 odd minutes, the people were left gasping for more. the very idea of people asking to hear more from you thrills me.... having been a debater(rather a struggling one) throughout my school and college life, I have had numerous expeditions on various stages.the act of climbing as stage and then blabbing is an act of surrender!you surrender yourself to the mercy of the almighty audience. As I believe that the amateur speakers are led by their audience and a seasoned one leads the audience to fall into his/her mood! Ashok Chakradhar belonging to the later category.
I just mentioned the stage.... I revere the school stage where I had delivered my first' thought for the day'(though those thoughts never made any one's day in the school!!). 'Thought for the day' used to be a cameo appearance on the school stage..for those people who wanted to desperately get rid of the stagophobia, hence one would rise abruptly on to the stage ...blabber the phrase (which would be lifted from the wisdom magazine as this small booklet consisted of marvellous quotes on all its pages...) and then if the speaker is a brave one he/she would take the risk of spending few more seconds of the fiery platform and indulge in the painful exercise of explaining the quote and the run back to the respective class queue. I clearly remember that for delivering those 2 to 3 lines , I would spend hours practicing, trying all possible accents, all probable voice modulations and muster guts !!
It has been a long time now and things have changed much.... though I no longer have to deliver the 'thought for the day' but in a day,hundreds of thoughts keeps passing me by.......

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