Thursday, December 17, 2009

All izz well until it is drama!

Any hit formula is destined to be replicated umpteen number of times until its magic fades away. There are numerous examples ... be it Himesh copying his own nasal twang and making it more torturous with every new composition or Ekta kapoor crafting soaps using the same saas bahu plus K formula in every Balaji production. The same phenomenon is recurring in the AP Politics where the politicians are fasting unto death?? ( sorry no one has died!) and trying to influence the decision of the centre to reconstruct or deconstruct the state boundary!

So one can expect the opera show to continue for few more days!The happiest lot is the great Indian media ... it is very rare (except for the elections) that all the jokers of Indian politics perform for the media wallas at the same time. KCR (Alas!! even his name starts with K!! ) Mayawati , Ajit singh and all other supporting actors ie MLAs of Andhra Pradesh ( to be more exact ...coastal Andhra, Rayelseema as the supporting actors are very particular about the location of their constituencies!)have been trying hard to fit in the frame!

The next beneficiary could have been the poor Indian masses! All over weight politicians going for the fasting could have contained the food crisis to some extent…But as every one knows well that the concept of ‘trickle down’ is completely dysfunctional in our country! May be media can investigate “who ate KCRs food for the nine days when he was fasting for the Telangana??” and run a prime time show! That’s what media does…who is interested in the in-depth coverage of the issues as long as the trivia is running (successfully?) on the channels!

The din will surface in a few days. The so called agitated MPs and MLAs will be contained by the party high commands, Some random tea parties and chintan baithaks will be organised! Dozens of review committee and commissions will be formed at all possible levels. Media will stop playing the story and shift its kind attention towards celebrities as the new year is approaching... again we will get to see the most interesting programs on news channels like

“What is the new year resolution of Rakhi Sawant ?"

What about Telangana… a suitable consent will be manufactured which will suit the (vested) interest of KCR, junior YSR, CBN and all the other ABCs of Andhra .

That’s it…. All izz well until it is drama!


  1. Hello Swati,
    Your style to expose issues is ...keya kamall ha....from where you relate/comparassion situation with issue is ....keya bat ha.....

    * How the students think in the Hedrabad universities about Telagana issue?
    * Are there serious groups /progressive students in universities in Hydrabad who think and anylesis the correct situation about seprate state.
    * are there progressive students started to expose the politicians in the universities.
    * I have view that Andhra students are well mature then other states in the past experiences.
    Swati You are in ground/middle of this all drama.How long this go more the time tell?

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  3. Thanks again for encouragement! and yes for asking the questions... I will try to answer them
    * Hyderabad university being a central university, students are less passionate about the telangana issue, the state universities like the Osmania, Andhra University are the hub.
    When I say ours is a central university,I certainly do not mean that students are not aware, it means that about 70 to 75 percent of the students are from other states of the country, the telangana population is very sparse, thus not much of stir!
    *No such particular groups,but yes many students who take interest in such issues of national importance,lot of informal debates and discussions can be heard all around the campus.
    *Yes certainly... no one is a KCR supporter, not only hear, but even in the Osmania university students detest him!
    * can't really comment on the maturity of andhra students... very subjective question and I am also an outsider. the only thing I have realized that these people are atleast aware of the political history of the state and they know the in and out of AP very well! and I appreciate this.
    and how long will the drama go.... it will go on and on unless the people also understand their responsibility...we cannot always blame the politicians...we are also responsible in some ways in choosing them!