Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who's Interest ??

Many of us must have experienced this.... sitting in front of the big screen in a movie theatre, watching a story unfolding itself, we get lost into the lives of the characters forgetting our existence... and we shed tears on their miseries!! The engagements with the emotions continue until the movie is over and then we suddenly realise... it was just a story. I am doubly sure when it comes to telgus, they experience this phenomena more than any one in the country as they are the mad movie lovers!

Exactly the same thing is happening in Andhra Pradesh…and the cine star of the Telangana movie is KCR. People are empathising with him now…only to realise in the future that...all was drama!

I do not have a problem with the popular demand of carving out a separate Telangana, but my concern is the present leadership of this movement. The most opportunistic, morally corrupt and deceitful leader of the Andhra politics has stirred (restirred) this movement. If one looks at the timing of his hunger strike, one learns that...

  • TRS had performed badly in the Lok Sabha, State Assembly as the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Commission elections...some gimmick was required to pump adrenalin into the party nerves, hence this hunger strike.
  • The hunger strike commences at a time when the state government is still trying to cope up with the loss of its patriarch YSR, hence this is the best time to destabilise the government! (That is another story that that the spineless Andhra government is so incompetent to take decisions in the state matters that is awaiting a nod from madam!)
  • Its interesting to note that TRS was born of the ideologue of Telangana, but all this years KCR had been paying lip service to the cause, when he sensed that rhetoric wont be of much use now, he slipped to action
  • Given the current state of his party, KSR knows that it would be difficult for him to be able to rule the whole AP, hence carving out a separate chunk would ensure a safe political heaven in the near future

Telangana region has been wailing under the ages of suppression deserves a empathetic leader and certainly not a Power Sucker!

(P.S -This post was written just an hour before the home minister announced that the centre government would ensure that the resoulution for a separate Telangana region is tabled in the assembly, Nevert the less I will be penning down my views on the upcoming Telangana in the next post)


  1. Swati hello?
    Realy i am waiting your views from a week about seprate state movement Telangana in your home town and in your state.
    Your views are correct for common people life will not change TRS leader get chance became chief minister price rise,unemployment,starvation death will not stop in Telangana propoganda by congress that small state can progress more all are political views.Past experience in india although a big state or small position is same.
    TRS oppurtunistic position became clear when they became part of third front with CPM/CPI party before loksabha elections and two to three days before TRs chief KCR silently appear on stage at ludhiana BJP-Akali party Rally. they shake hand with communal party BJP in Ludhiana Rally.
    Actualy Behind State no 29 Telangana Congress,TDP,TRS,Prajapati,BJP are have there own counting.There will not any change in life of people of Hyderabad,if Hyderabad with Andra or with Telangana.Only name of Ministers will change.

  2. yes I agree with you Rakesh... but the equation doesn't seems that simple, I really don't know How Congress will pacify its rebellious MLAs .... the upcoming developments will be interesting to watch!

  3. Swati
    Mayawati started to play its drama for seprate state of budelkhand,harihet....,Mamta is silent on Telagana as she know the snake of Gorkhaland is front of her.Now political atmosphfere became heated in winter season.
    Congress decision is well calculated they decided well calculated they are not hurry to decide in assembly .They will wait.Judge the situation.TDP already demands the Telagana .They will call all party meeting on Telagana state .TDP compromise or get exposere in public about double standard of Telangana demand.Congree Mass MLAs will not stand front of Sonia Gandhi.

  4. All a bit complicated, but the end result is that the common man is going to suffer.